Let’s Build A School!

Post XQ Challenge: Full Steam Ahead!

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“Let’s Build a School” team submits their “Develop” phase documentation.

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“Let’s Build A School” advances to the semi-finals for High School funding with the XQ Challenge!

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We need your feedback as we continue the work on building a tuition-free high school on the North Shore.
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“An excellent education opens doors as it opens minds.”  — Emerson Collective


The North Shore needs a tuition-free secondary school.

Currently the North Shore has no tuition-free school for grades 7-12. A school in our area will provide many benefits for our keiki, their parents, and our neighborhoods:

  • Students can join in various after school programs like sports, music & arts, theater, and school clubs.
  • Parents and teachers are more in touch with the needs of the community.
  • School is closer to the students, significantly cutting commute time on the bus, and improving our student’s productivity for learning while offering more environmental benefits.
  • A middle/high school can also serve as an emergency shelter.

The Kapa’a middle and high schools will soon be over capacity. A local North Shore school will ease the stress on these facilities and provide permanent, sustainable jobs in our community.

Let’s build a school on the North Shore.

The Foundation continues its efforts to develop a tuition-free high school on Kauai’s North Shore. We collected more than 500 letters and signatures in support of this mission, and submitted these to the Department of Education and other state and county officials.

In September 2015, the Emerson Collective announced the XQ; The Super School Project, an open contest to redefine and reimagine high school education in this country. Founded by Laurene Powell Jobs (the widow of Steve Jobs), the Emerson Collective has dedicated $50 million and expert support to create new schools over the next 5 years.

Powered by board member Lorraine Mull, the Kauai North Shore Community Foundation assembled a team to compete in the XQ Challenge. The team gathered input from parents, teachers, students, and other community members, and submitted our concept for a 21st century, innovative high school. Nearly 700 teams from 45 states submitted applications for XQ school funding.

We are proud to announce that we advanced through to the semi-finals of the XQ Challenge, the only Hawaii team to do so. A documentary crew from the XQ Challenge came to film our progress on three different occasions. Although we were not one of the ten winners, we are pleased to find that many of our concepts were embedded in the projects of the winning teams. Our dream to create a tuition-free high school on the North Shore will require a great deal more work and we continue to explore every avenue in order to further our goals.

Let’s teach our kids to ask questions, to be inquisitive and creative, and to think outside the box, so they will have skill sets that are nimble and adaptive to the increasingly global, dynamic and exciting 21st century.

Are you a parent, teacher, or have education experience?

Do you have ideas or want to support building a high school for the North Shore? Please email us at letsbuildaschool2@gmail.com, and follow the project on Facebook and on Twitter.
You can also write a letter of support:

Please mail your signed letters to:
Kauai North Shore Community Foundation
School Initiative
PO Box 223381
Princeville, HI 96722

A few of the Foundation Education team working on the XQ Challenge "Design & Develop" application.

A few of the Foundation Education team working on the XQ Challenge “Design & Develop” application.