Fit Fund

The 2017 Fit Fund Five have been selected!

The Kauai North Shore Community Foundation has selected the Fit Fund Five for 2017, for grants totaling $10,000.

The Fit Fund is funded by proceeds of the Ohana Fit Fest presented by Wilcox Health, a fun, free family event that features an obstacle course competition. The 2017 Ohana Fit Fest will be the fourth of this annual event, and is scheduled on Saturday, July 22. >>More

The Fit Fund Five recipients are non-profit organizations with fitness and health focus. One $2,000 grant will be awarded each month, in February through June. The Fit Fund Five are:


Rotary Club of Hanalei and its Heart of Golf Campaign: purchased an AED now installed at the Hanalei Elementary School.

From left to right:
Ken Rosenthal, Foundation board member, Health & Wellness Committee chair, co-director of Ohana Fit Fest presented by Wilcox Health; Jana Rider: Hanalei Elementary School Counselor; Mary Paterson, Foundation board member; John Oszust, President, Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay; Jill Lowry, member, Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay Heart of Gold Committee; Andrew Bestwick, Wilcox Health Foundation.


The Hanalei School Foundation to purchase athletic equipment.

From left to right, front row: Tahara’a Stein, TA Principal, Hanalei Elementary School; Justin Chew, Board Member, Hanalei School Foundation; Noelle Beck; Ken Rosenthal; Nick Beck, President, Hanalei School Foundation. Back row: Kauai North Shore Community Foundation members and volunteers Mel Salada, Lorri Mull and Mary Paterson (both Foundation board members), Jan Dunn, John Dunn, Jennifer Bristow.


Anaina Hou Community Park will use the grant to upgrade its skate ramps and purchase new mountain bikes and bike maintenance parts. The skate ramps are used by the general public and over 70 youths in the Anaina Hou Skate Club. Anaina Hou Community Park also rents mountain bikes for use on the Wai Koa Loop Trail and throughout the island.

From left to right:
Mel Salada; Maylette Garces, Foundation board member and co-director of Ohana Fit Fest presented by Wilcox Health; Jennifer Bristow; and Thomas Daubert, Executive Director of Anaina Hou Community Park.


Hanalei Hawaiian Civic Club to support the Hanalei Canoe Club’s Ha’ena to Hanalei Run.
Ken Rosenthal presents the $2,000 Fit Fund Grant to Adam Roversi, Hanalei Canoe Club coach, and members of the Hanalei Canoe Club.



‘Āina Ho’okupu o Kilauea (Kilauea Agricultural Park) to support this farm’s efforts to provide access to organic, highly nutritious produce to community members regardless of income.