Kauai North Shore Community Foundation

The Kaua’i North Shore Community Foundation is a catalyst that responds to community needs and anticipates future challenges. Working together, the foundation serves donors by putting their philanthropy to work in our community.  Responding to the needs of our unique and diverse communities, we inspire ideas, ignite action, mobilize volunteers and raise funds to improve the quality of life for everyone on Kaua’i’s North Shore.

Working together

Adopt-a-Band Program, Kauai

Adopt-a-Band Program, Kauai

Help Us Band Together with Aloha Angels to Provide Music Scholarships for North Shore Keiki

Join the Band!  Hanalei and Kilauea Schools will work with Bandwagon to identify scholarship recipients who will be organized into five-member bands coached by Bandwagon instructors.  Students in fourth through sixth grades are eligible, with 10 students from Kilauea School forming two bands and five students from Hanalei School forming a band.

Thanks You! We have reached our fundraising GOAL of $9,000 — 15 elementary school students from Hanalei and Kilauea Schools to will participate in the Adopt-a-Band program for 2021!

Upcoming Events

Savor, A Wine & Chocolate Event – TBD in 2021
Strut Your Mutt – TBD in 2021
Ohana Fit Fest Obstacle Run / Walk  – Saturday October 2, 2021

Education & Culture

1Enhance the educational landscape for our keiki, and preserve and celebrate our Kauai and North Shore culture.

After-School Programs

Let’s Build A School!

Let’s Build A School Survey

Savor, A Wine & Chocolate Event


Youth & Seniors

2Promote programs for local youth including amateur athletics, community outreach and leadership, and nurture meaningful community engagement by our seniors.

Junior Lifeguard Equipment

Children’s Playgrounds

Health & Wellness

3Champion health and wellness for individuals, which flow into increased longevity, productivity and overall happiness quotient, building a stronger community.

Fit Fund

Ohana Fit Fest Obstacle Run

Charity Walk

Public Spaces

4Advocate for the preservation of open spaces and coastal access, and development of parks and public spaces.

North Shore Dog Park

Strut Your Mutt

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