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“Knowledge is power.  Information is liberating.
Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”
Kofi Annan

Education remains at the forefront of the Foundation’s efforts to enhance the quality of life in our North Shore community. Indeed, 2018 has been a very exciting year.  In January, Joan Porter offered us long-term use of 8 beautiful acres in the Wai Koa Plantation for a public charter school.  This was our first big break in the initiative to bring a tuition-free school serving grades 7-12 to our community.  Once the site for a school was secured, we diligently pursued our efforts to identify the proper educational entity to assist us with the model we feel would best serve our community.  We subsequently determined that working with Big Picture Learning (BPL) will provide us with the expertise we need to build, establish, and run a high performance middle and high school on the North Shore. BPL is an innovative and highly successful non-profit organization that focuses on creating a community-centered educational model. Click here for more information. You can subscribe for regular email updates.  

In addition to our Let’s Build a School Initiative, we have continued our efforts to offer educational opportunities for the students in our North Shore community.  In the spring, we launched the Leap Forward! program at Hanalei and Kilauea Elementary schools. The program provides 6th graders the opportunity to work on the skills they will need to transition to middle school.  The program will be offered at both Hanalei and Kilauea schools next spring.  In the fall of this year, with the help of an award from the Hogan Business Competition in Honolulu (we were 3rd place finalists), we initiated an after-school program to help middle schoolers with their studies. 

We are now developing two new educational programs starting this summer: Code Camp — Altino Cars and SAT Prep. There will be nominal fees for these programs, but scholarships may be available.  Stay tuned for updates or subscribe below for email updates! 

Additionally, we were able to offer $7,000 in scholarship funds to KCC that were awarded to full time North Shore students.  

In May of 2018, we made our “Big Reveal” of the land and kicked off our first fundraising effort for the charter school at the lovely home of Gayle Naylor.  In August, our 3rd annual Savor event was a great success at the new Porter Pavilion at Anaina Hou.  We are happy to report that total fundraising for education this year has brought in close to $200,000 towards our initial goal of $500,000!  With initial funding underway, we are excited to move forward with our school initiative as well as our after school programs and scholarship opportunities for our North Shore students.

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Education Committee 

We are dedicated to bringing a better education to our North Shore children.  To help us in that effort, please consider donating your time and talents as a volunteer or funds to help us move forward in our quest to ensure a positive learning experience for all our students.

Kids and Teacher, Judy Waite, in their Leap Forward! session at Kilauea Elementary. Photo courtesy of Kauai North Shore Community Foundation.


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