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“Knowledge is power.  Information is liberating.
Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”
Kofi Annan

Our Education and Charter School Steering Committees has made a lot of progress. The Education Committee formed the Education Enrichment Programs (EEP) team. These hardworking volunteers are focused on bringing programs to our children to help them succeed in school. They renamed the Help Me With My Homework Program to iLearn and revamped the program considerably, continued funding the Leap Forward! program, and implemented new programs: Code Camp and SAT Prep. Please click on the links or go to our Education Enrichment and After School Programs page for details. 

With the long-term use of 8 beautiful acres in the Wai Koa Plantation for a public charter school provided to the Foundation by Joan Porter in 2018, it was time for the Education Committee to spin off a new committee to steer the efforts needed to build our school.  To that end, the Charter School Steering Committee was formed to work the Let’s Build a School Initiative. Working with Big Picture Learning (BPL), we hired School Leader Consultant, Kapua Chandler. She is tasked with creating community awareness, developing a community-conscious curriculum, and assisting with facilities development among other things. We have also hired land development, fundraising, and facilities design contractors to obtain necessary permits, funding, and to hire an architect.

Additionally, through the generous donations of our supporters and funding allotted from the Savor Event, we were able to provide $7,000 in scholarship funds to KCC. These funds were awarded to full time North Shore students.

In August, our 4th annual Savor event was another great success! We held it at the Porter Pavilion at Anaina Hou. We are happy to report that total fundraising for education this year has brought in close to $160,000 towards our goal! With initial funding underway, we are excited to move forward with our school initiative as well as our after school programs and scholarship opportunities for our North Shore students.

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Let’s Build A School!


After-School & Educational Enrichment Programs

Leap Forward!


Code Camp


SAT Prep

Fundraising Efforts

Savor: A Wine and Chocolate Event

Education Committee 

We are dedicated to bringing a better education to our North Shore children.  To help us in that effort, please consider donating your time and talents as a volunteer or funds to help us move forward in our quest to ensure a positive learning experience for all our students.

Kids and Teacher, Judy Waite, in their Leap Forward! session at Kilauea Elementary. Photo courtesy of Kauai North Shore Community Foundation.


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