After-School Programs

The Kauai North Shore Community Foundation is actively involved in improving the educational experience for our communities children. We are excited to have Noelle McHugh serve as our After School Programs Coordinator! You can contact her for information on any of our Education Committee’s after-school programs:

 Leap Forward!     iLearn     Code Camp (New!)     SAT Prep (New!)


Leap Forward!

The KNSCF Education Committee created Leap Forward!, a program to help prepare sixth-grade students for the challenges of middle school. The purpose of the program is to introduce abstract thinking and improve organizational, note-taking, and study skills. The program is fully funded by two $2,000 grants.  The North Shore elementary schools administer the program following some basic guidelines and customize it according to their students’ needs.

Recently, our Leap Forward! Program was featured in The Garden Island News.


iLearn (formerly Help Me With My Homework) is designed around a study-hall environment.  We began this program in October of 2018 intending to help our North Shore students get their homework help. We quickly realized that if the students had no homework, they did not come. So we talked to some middle schoolers and discovered that they’d really like more help with the subjects they have trouble with, not just homework. These same students helped us reframe and rename our program.

The program runs throughout the school term. The after-school sessions are 90 minutes long. Currently, the sessions are held at the Princeville Library. Katherine Bengston, Branch Manager, has generously donated space for our students. We are fortunate to have Noelle and Sean McHugh, experienced teachers, manning the classes and Noelle is also our Program Administrator.  As enrollment numbers grow, we will invite volunteer high school students who excel in Math and ELA to help in the sessions.

iLearn is partially funded by KNSCF’s Education Committee, grants & private donations, However, in order to help pay for extraneous expenses, we are charging a $7.00 fee per student, per session, payable in advance at the beginning of the school term. Those with the best attendance will receive a gift card at the end of the term.

Code Camp

Code Camp is a new program we will offer in the summer. The inaugural program is scheduled for one week starting July 8, 2019. The class will be held at Anaina Hou’s Porter Pavilion classroom from 9:00 am to 11:30 am. 

Coding is an important skill for future tech careers. It can open doors to such jobs as gaming design, software/app development, and other jobs in the highly competitive tech sector. In the future, coding may be a necessary skill much like typing is today. In any case, coding can open doors for our children’s futures and it’s just plain fun!

Our first code camp will involve Altino Cars. Participants learn coding language and techniques to program the cars to perform simple tasks. This program runs for one week, Tuesday through Saturday, from 9 am to 11:30 am. Enrollment is open for up to 10 students from grades 5 through 9. Cost is $50 per student. Please contact Noelle for updates to the details and to enroll your child.

SAT Prep

KNSCF is proud to announce our new SAT Prep class available on the North Shore. Our class is scheduled to begin in August 2019 and run for six weeks. Classes will be held on Saturdays and include a book and two practice test sessions. Cost is $135 per student.

Currently, there are no SAT Prep classes offered on the North Shore. KNSCF feels that it is important to bring this opportunity to North Shore kids in a location close to their own community. The class is limited to 18 students, so enroll early!

We are finalizing the location and dates/time, so stay tuned for more updates. Please contact Noelle for details and to enroll your child.