Survey ~ Let’s Build A School Initiative for a Public Charter School on Kauaʻi’s North Shore

Let's Build A School Initiative for a Public School on Kauai's North Shore-- Survey

Mahalo for your interest in a tuition-free North Shore Public Charter Secondary School (Grades 7-12). The Kauai North Shore Community Foundation is pulling together a Charter School Leadership Team to begin the process of designing a North Shore Public Charter School.

We are seeking community and parent input to create a school that meets the diverse needs of our North Shore communities. If you are interested in staying informed, providing input and/or getting involved to support our efforts, please fill out our contact form at the end of the survey.

Mahalo nui loa for your feedback!

Include your children, grandchildren, nieces,nephews, etc.


If you have no children in your family attending school, you may continue or skip to Question #8. We value everyone's thoughts.


4. Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements (where 1 is strongly disagree and 5 is strongly agree):


If you answered Yes to Questions 12 or 13, please fill in your contact information in the next section.

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Thank you for participating in our Survey!

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