Health & Wellness

The Foundation’s Health & Wellness Committee is tasked with facilitating fitness and wellness programs on the North Shore.

Ohana Fit Fest

The Foundation hosts the annual Ohana Fit Fest, a fun family event for keiki, adults and kupuna. The Ohana Fit Fest features an obstacle run, fun games like beach flags, and a health and wellness expo. Click here to see our latest Ohana Fit Fest presented by Wilcox Health.

North Shore Community & Recreation Center

The North Shore of Kauai needs a community recreation and aquatic facility. The goal of the Health & Wellness Committee is to work with existing and/or proposed health and fitness program providers to open a fitness and wellness facility for the North Shore community.

Concurrently, the Committee is actively looking for land suitable to build the community recreation center, if no alternatives arise.

The Health & Recreation Committee is chaired by Ken Rosenthal, a North Shore resident with over 25 years in both the fitness and finance industries. Ken founded two fitness studios in San Diego, won six national and world aerobic championships, and teaches group exercise for a variety of disciplines. He is currently the Senior Advisor for Lending, Education & Training for CDC Capital Markets, specializing in SBA real estate and general business loans.

The Board Liaison for the committee is Bob Doyle, the Foundation President and a long-time North Shore resident.

Friends of North Shore Health & Wellness

Dante Cernebori
Ike Cockett
Curt Colby
Jan Dann
Michael Dexter-Smith
Dave Dinner
Bea Enright
El Herington
Laird Hamilton
Mike Hurtt
Steve Hunt
Napali Kayak

Phil Jones
Julie & Koko Kaneali’i
Kurt Leong
Scott Lindman
Scott McFarland
Josh Nations
Brent Naylor
Andrew Pendleton
Gabrielle Reece
Dana Ross
Dick Smith
Mark Stevens