Fit Fund 2019

The Kauai North Shore Community Foundation created the Fit Fund to give grants to other non-profits that enhance the fitness and health for residents of the north shore of Kauai. The recipients of the 2019 Fit Fund are:

Hanalei Elementary School PTA: rebuild the school’s gardens for its Healthy Snacks program

Hanalei Hawaiian Civic Club: Haena to Hanalei Run
Kauai Lifeguard Association: equipment for the Junior Lifeguard program
Keala Foundation: crossfit program for keiki in Anahola
Kauai Outrigger Association: Hawaii State Outrigger Championship on Hanalei Bay

Namolokama O’Hanalei Canoe Club: Hanalei Bay Swim Challenge

Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay Foundation: CPR training for its Heart of Gold Campaign

To be considered for the Fit Fund, organizations must be classified by the IRS as a tax-exempt nonprofit charity under section 501(c)(3), or structured as a public school or other public program.

The Fit Fund is funded by the proceeds of the Foundation’s annual event, Ohana Fit Fest. Priority for grant consideration is directed to organizations that have participated in, and/or supported the Foundation’s Ohana Fit Fest.

For additional information, contact:
Ken Rosenthal,, (858) 967-7817
Kauai North Shore Community Foundation
Chair, Health & Wellness Committee

In 2018, the Fit Fund donated $10,000. 

The 2018 Fit Fund helped keiki go to summer camp.

Anaina Hou Community Park used its Fit Fund grant to give scholarships for the 2018 Anaina Hou Summer Camp. Serving ages 7-12, the Anaina Hou Summer Camp included hikes, ‘aina gardening, keiki cooking, and a deep nature camp.

Keiki and supporters at the 2018 Anaina Hou Summer Camp.

The Fit Fund helped north shore canoe clubs affected by the April 2018 flood.

The Hanalei Canoe Club and Namolokama Canoe Club each sustained about $100,000 in damage as a result of the April 2018 Kauai flood. They used their Fit Fund grants towards replacing or repairing their racing canoes.

The Hanalei Canoe Club racing canoe named Kala’imahamoku, used only twice before it was damaged during the April 2018 flood.

Namolokama Canoe Club canoes damaged by the April 2018 flood.


The Rotary Club of Hanalei continues to add more AEDs on the north shore.

The Fit Fund helped the Rotary Club purchase and install one more automatic external defibrillator on the north shore. The goal of the Rotary Club’s Heart of Gold campaign is to install 40 AEDs on Kauai and Ni’ihau. This life-saving equipment is a key element in the survival of victims when used in conjunction with CPR.

The Hanalei Elementary School received the first Fit Fund grant for 2018.

Hanalei Elementary School received a Fit Fund grant to fully install a fruit orchard on school grounds; the orchard harvests provide fruit for the school’s Farm to School healthy snack program.

A rainy afternoon was an auspicious sign for abundant harvests when the Foundation presented the Fit Fund grant at a Hanalei Elementary School Garden Class.

In 2017, the Foundation also donated a total of $10,000 through the Fit Fund to five non-profit organizations. >>More