Dog Park Rules

Please keep the North Shore Dog Park clean, friendly and safe for everyone. Use the park with respect, aloha, and at your own risk.
The North Dog Park is open from dawn to dusk year-round.
If you enter the fenced area, you assume the risk that you or any children may be harmed by a dog.
1. Please clean up after your dog.
2. No dogs without people. No people without dogs.
3. Watch your dogs at all times. Discourage barking and digging. If your dog digs a hole, fill it in.
4. NO spike, prong or pinch collars. However, your dog must wear a collar or harness in the park at all times.
5. No aggressive dogs. Do not let your dog pester or mount other dogs. Watch for signs of aggression.
6. Puppies under 4 months, dogs in heat, and dogs with parasites, open wounds, or in ill health are not allowed. Closely monitor un-neutered males.
7. IF your dog gets into a fight, exchange contact information and leave the park. You are responsible for any injury caused by your dog.
8. Bring children at your own risk. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
9. Dogs must be on leash at all times outside the park.
10. Smoking, alcohol, glass containers, people food and dog treats are not allowed in the park.