North Shore Dog Park Shelters

The North Shore Dog Park is a true community project. Thank you to the North Shore Lions Club and the many volunteers who helped to build the shade structures at the North Shore Dog Park!

The Kauai North Shore Community Foundation presented an acknowledgement of appreciation at a Lions Club meeting for its support of our Foundation with donations and volunteerism, especially on the shelter building project. An especially big mahalo to Lion Bill Harmon, who took the lead on the shelters project.

As an all-volunteer organization, the Foundation is dependent solely upon the generosity of community support and funds, so working together with the other non-profit organizations is particularly valuable.

Our deepest gratitude to the volunteers and donors!

Lions Club Volunteers
Bill Harmon
Bob Robertson
Greg Deming
Dick Gott
Sally Hopkins
Louis LaFratta
Conrad Makarewicz
Don McConnell
Jerry Moore
Gary Pacheco
John Taylor
Tom Trombley

Other Volunteers and Sponsors
Barbara Cameron – Shelters project coordinator
Lumber donated by Mark & Shawn Hurt and Honsador
Shelter design by architect Ron Paul

April McGinnis, Kathy Parker & their team of volunteers
Kelly Bellomo
Bob & KoKo Day
Kevin Dougherty
Bob & Sue Doyle
Rory Enright
Arturo Fonesca
Maylette Garces
Rich King
Jonathan McRoberts
Kevin Meyers
Al Overton
Allan Parachini
Mary Paterson
Kevin Reale
Conrad Schmidt
Tom Wilkes